domenica 25 marzo 2012

prossima cucciolata in Polonia!!!

Prevista cucciolata in Polonia per maggio, genitori Szarotka Cepeliada e Krezus Habenda ( zio di Lulka e Lokis che hanno teste stupende e Lulka le ha passate anche ai suoi figli:))))-----

I'm very happy that I can announce that we are expecting the first litter of the polish greyhound in Wilkoria Kennel :-))) Puppies are expected in the middle of the May. Our beautiful ♥ SZAROTKA Cepeliada & handsome ♥ KREZUS Habenda will become parents. Krezus is an eleven-years-old dog in the wonderful, enviable condition! The both parents was examined towards an eye diseases and the heart and are healthy.