martedì 29 dicembre 2015


Ravvivo questo blog per informare che sono n arrivo i cuccioli da Leska e Serpentino!!! Prossimamente su questo schermo!:)))

sabato 5 settembre 2015

Risveglio della pagina per una cucciolata in Polonia!

We have a great pleasure to present our current litter of Polish Sighthound (CHART POLSKI). In our kennel appeared 9 lovely puppies from a long-awaited, selected and fabulous combination.
The happy mother is our NESKA Acalantis coming from great and unique line (dam Czech import – Interchampion, Junior World Winner, Polish Champion BRAWURKA Xantusia and Italian sensational sire Club Winner, Italian Champion, Italy TOP CP 2010, Mediterranean Winner, Selected Reproducer DRAGOS Highwind). The father of litter is grown male of extraordinary beauty, very correct psyche and mild-mannered, the descendant of exquisite line introducing new, fresh blood to the breed genotype – Polish Champion SZARLEJ Cepeliada.
This mating has a low inbreed coefficient 4,3% and favorably high AVK (loss of ancestors coefficient) 82%. Both parents are tested for genetic eyes and heart diseases – both HEALTHY.
We offer puppies from the early days conducted by Dog Psychologist and Zootechnician, subjected to long-term and multi-stage Neurological Stimulation. Each new owner receives an individual behavioral analysis of puppy and his psychological profile , making it possible to select a dog with a precise psychological characteristics , and greatly facilitated the process of education and socialization. To new forever homes our puppies gets vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed. They also have books of health and export pedigrees of FCI. Puppies available in home kennel in POLAND.
We invite to reserve puppies!
Contact: 0048 668 741 959
More on or
Puppy price is determined individually. If you would like to buy puppy first it is needed to contact with the breeder".

martedì 14 luglio 2015

sabato 11 aprile 2015

Cucciolata in Polonia

Quattro cuccioli in Polonia, allevamento Amerss di Lucasz Wilcatz, nati da  Multi Ch. Alycka Kalong e JWW Multi Ch. Armani Amerss- visibili su FB

venerdì 13 marzo 2015

Wilkoria Kennel- Polonia

Tre cuccioli nati da Szarotka Cepeliada e da ch. Nadobnik Arcturus, Wilkoria  Kennel, Mrs.
Ewa Skrabut, Polonia-

martedì 2 dicembre 2014

Cucciolata in Polonia

Allevamento Arcturus, nove cuccioli, nessuno disponibile- da Kasia e ........... Cepeliada-

Cucciolata in Polonia

Allevamento Acalantis, 4 cuccioli , un maschio disponibile- da Brawurka Xantusia e Igor Zephirus Flavonius-